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We are happy to be a part of this site and to have contributed (although a small part) to the creativity of this group that seems to be an endless supply of ideas and their manifestations. We were infected by their grand desire to make, create, move, and shake...exactly how we do business at JO-KANG in creating our jeans, clothes made for wearing and living, reminiscent of the past when jeans were like a second skin and were an example of the life and living that they accompanied. We like RENUDO because they are a promise of something grand coming from nothing, and with their passion and determination they indeed embody the essence of what it takes to make things happen in this life. These are the people we like to dress, these are the people we work for...searching for the maximum in style and fit, quality and cut. Never simply just a pair of jeans, our clothes are made for you to live in, representing literally all the colors of your world and personality. JO-KANG lives and operates with this credo and accepts the job of dressing RENUDO with pride...and all the rest of you out there who believe in and live by this motto...

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