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RENUDO, created in 1998, is a musical, multi-media project with the dream of transforming our passions and dreams out of a virtual playground into reality. 4 young musicians and an animation artist hope to bring to life this total package-sound, comics, audio, video, and of course-hard core ROCK. RENUDO is a comic book story divided into different episodes. Also the name of the main character, this animated story is the tale of 4 very different people and their struggle against the wicked monster that they are constantly fighting. Losing each other to find each other once again, they battle against this mini-devil that represents their personal weaknesses and the battles that one must fight inwardly in living the life of the everyday. And the music tells the story. It provides the only way to escape and be saved from the life of mediocrity and the mundane. It is the film score for their adventures, that in the future you can read, see, and most importantly, listen to, every time a new CD is released.
This is the home base of RENUDO, the place to find everything you need or want to learn about the group, or to express your criticism. You may mistake Renudo for a bad clone of Gorillaz, but RENUDO is something else entirely-more tangibile and real; something of flesh and bone that you can see (if you want), dance and sweat to live in concert. The group plus the music plus the comics equals a beautiful iconic triangle, where each magnifies the potential and power of the other, multiplying the elements to create a fantasm of mystery, music, and graphic splash . The work that you see here is a direct product of their unrelenting determination, created only with the burning desire to communicate the music that they love, the world in which they would like to live, their vision of hope to look square in the face this life that is filled with warmth, encouragment, cold, and indifference. RENUDO, (for now) does not have management, but it does have these ideas, and the knowledge that the road to realizing them is long and difficult. We believe in what has been created and our only goal is to seek, learn, discuss, mature, and share our music with as many people as possible. In this site you will be able to download everything on Renudo-music, image, comics and all the rest. Little by little, this site will become more and more a true representation of the creativity and desire running through the veins of RENUDO...because this is only the beginning!,...the best is yet to come.

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