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-Do you want to hear RENUDO at your favorite hang-out? Give a recording to the manager or artistic director right away (download at "Lyrics and MP3") and then contact us (mail del gruppo) to get further details.

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-Comments of any kind can be sent to us at "Messages" where they will be posted for everyone to read…
-For private messages to a particular RENUDO write directly to the applicable personal email address…

-Join our "Mailing List" (user-friendly registration) to receive via SMS or MAIL all the news, concert dates, and other miscellaneous RENUDO info.

- Iscrivetevi senza impegno alla "Mailing List", per ricevere via SMS o MAIL tutte le notizie, date live, curiosità sull'attività dei RENUDO

-We are looking for some wild women to help us complete the latest edition of "Le Renude" for the next site update…for more info go to "Other" and click "Le Renude"…

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