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- 25/09/2002 - Now in progress is the completion of the new video of "Le mie catene," in digital animation. It will be ready for distribution throughout Italy in November.

- 16/08/2002 - There's no time for vacationing for RENUDO; intent on finishing the new songs. In fact, the recording of the new CD is slated for Christmas time.

- 12/07/2002 - Preparing in rehearsals the new, funky, and potential songs for the new CD, RENUDO plans to try-out their song ideas in concerts to see what the people like or dislike. As usual, the work is non-stop in the "Make New Songs" department.

- 08/06/2002 - The new single is released, in limited distribution, containing 5 songs (Sulla via del non ritorno, Le mie catene, Occhio x occhio dente x dente, Marchiato a sangue, Angelo nero). And in a few weeks RENUDO will begin again with live concerts (finally!!!) playing the new songs…

- 29/05/2002 - Today begins mixing of the songs for the new Album Single of RENUDO. Also in progress is the completion of a new video for distribution to all national media stations to better publicize the new CD…

- 25/05/2002 - Danilo records vocals for the 5 new tunes that will be released the second week of June in a new single album.

- 11/05/2002 - Carlo records the guitar. Work continues on the new songs with the hope of completition in June. 08/05/2002 - Continuing the work of recording, today it's Alex's turn to record on top of Chicco's premixed drums. Also added are loop and other special components.

- 24/04/2002 - RENUDO records at the Bramante Theater in Urbania. Agenda: 3 new songs and new arrangements of "MARCHIATO A SANGUE" and "LE MIE CATENE." Chicco begins by laying down the drums in this most ideal acoustic.

- 21/04/2002 - Carlo (after having been chosen as a finalist 07/04/2002) wins the "GUITAR CONNECTION" solo guitar competition held in Urbania


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