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(1000 TANKS TO...)

RENUDO thanks with all our heart the following people:

Andrea Pulito (our dreams found life with your positivity and creativity), Michele Ciaffoncini (you solved so many problems…thank you!), JO-KANG (your faith in RENUDO will soon be repaid), Armando Panti (for all your technological contributions and the many hours you gave to the pro-RENUDO cause (he works like no other!), Digital Remake, in the persons of Filippo Leonardi and Andrea Fantoni (the dynamic couple of the video reprise and of taglia, cuci, e vai…), Arrigo Bordicchia of EKO distributor for Italia of Maverick Guitars and the Guitar Center (PU) of Simone Nobili (official provider Carlo 's guitars), Giorgio di Milano (for taking Danilo in like a brother and carting him all over Milan on his mystic motorino in search fame and fortune), Cristina Magrini (for her fantastic expertise in the perfecting of the illustrations of Andrea), LORENZO DINI (for the invaluable help in the automazation in ASP in this site), the City of Urbania in the persons of Sindaco and Mr. Feliciano Paoli (for the use the splendid, super-acoustic Teatro Bramante for our recording sessions), Mr. Tagliolini (that assisted us tremendously inside the theater), our families (that appreciate this thing that we do), Mamaenergy alias Simone Cossignani (you are #1 in what you do!…), Nicola Gaggi of Furto con scasso (for having loaned us his baritone voice for "Le mie catene"), to Jennifer Odom (for the site translation in English…) to Max and all the people at Tribe days (when's the next concert?!…), Lanfranco Perini (for all the good advice), Mr. Travagliati (for the friendship and hospitality sincerely given to us), the Pizzeria "La Volpe" of Urbania (for having bet on the pizza "Renudo"…), Matteo Borgogelli (we had a blast playing with you), Francesco "Mancio" Mancini, Paride Pueri, Denis Rebiscini (because you were such an important part of the Renudo journey…), the direction of Discoteca Masai of Cagli (for the availability of your locales for our wild and primitive video!…), le comparse that acted in the video (grazie…thanks for having the balls…), il Conte Luciano Tallarini (because it is from him the doctors once extracted the famous ingredient of "Viagra", you minstrel of exotic fantasies…), to all the locales that hosted us live (how can you ever make a go of it if you aren't out there playing, you know?…), to all the students of Carlo, Chicco and the classmates < /B>of Alex (the most tenacious and furocious fans…), Alessandra Cellini (the first fanatical female fan of Renudo…), Omar Pedrini of Timoria (for giving us the good luck candy charm), to the future RENUDE (that for the above mentioned page will have the courage to send us photos), to those who would wish us misfortune (because you just motivate us to search and succeed EVEN MORE…), and to everyone that follows our concerts, to all that encourage and challenge us, and to those who believe in what we do…because it is from them that RENUDO finds the strength to keep moving forward one solid step at a time… to all of you again…An INFINITE Thanks!!!

Creator... 1000 thanks to...